Travelia X:
Tailoring Journeys,
Crafting Memories.

Travelia X Overview

 Travelia X, created by Adaptia Tech, is a pioneering AI-driven platform transforming Thailand travel. We specialize in personalizing journeys, highlighting hidden gems, advocating for sustainable tourism, and uplifting local enterprises and communities. Our aim is to craft not just memorable, but impactful and responsible travel experiences.


Our mission is to redefine Thailand’s travel scene with customized, AI-enhanced journeys that spotlight cultural wealth, champion eco-friendly tourism, and bolster community economic growth, ensuring each trip is as unique as our users.


We aspire to lead in travel planning, both in Thailand and globally, by innovating personalized experiences that enrich travelers and support localities, promoting a travel ethic that values cultural immersion and local welfare.

Core Values

Tailoring each travel experience to meet the unique preferences and interests of our users.

Promoting eco-friendly travel options and practices that help preserve Thailand’s natural and cultural resources for future generations.

Continuously improving our AI technology to provide the most accurate, comprehensive, and user-friendly travel recommendations.

Cultural Respect
Encouraging travelers to engage with and respect the rich cultural heritage of Thailand, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation.

What We Offer

AI-Powered Recommendations
Discover personalized itineraries featuring Thailand’s best-kept secrets, from serene beaches to vibrant cultural festivals.

Sustainable Travel Options
Explore eco-friendly accommodations, activities, and travel tips that align with responsible tourism practices.

Local Business Promotion
Gain access to a curated selection of local experiences, from authentic Thai cooking classes to artisan craft workshops, supporting local entrepreneurs.

Comprehensive Destination Guides
Get detailed insights into Thailand’s destinations, including historical context, cultural significance, and travel logistics.

Travelia X by Adaptia Tech is more than just a travel app; it’s a movement towards more mindful, personalized, and sustainable travel in Thailand. Join us as we redefine the travel experience, one journey at a time, creating lasting memories and positive impacts along the way.